Saturday, February 6, 2016

Almost Done with Engage 5!

It's been a really good week here in Atlanta. There's been multiple opportunities to get together with people in Clarkston and at Mercer University, and I've met a lot of new people. This week in class, we've covered topics such as conflict styles, what makes a great team, and how to understand poverty.

Here are some highlights from the week!

-Watching Nepali movies with some people in Clarkston Station

-The Engaging Race: Similar to the Amazing Race! We got to drive/run/ride the train all over Atlanta in teams of three doing crazy things such as drawing attention to ourselves on the street somehow and taking a picture twice of at least 5 people watching us. Our team simply pointed at something in the sky and tried to get people to look. Other activities included one team member eating grass jelly, climbing over trashcans and under picnic tables without touching the ground in an obstacle course, directing a blindfolded person through a maze, and looking for answers to questions in the Martin Luther King Jr. visitor center. My team came in second place. It was a really fun day! Great chance to practice being a good team member in a somewhat stressful situation.

-A catered lunch with the Encompass staff. This was supposed to be done at the end of Engage 5, but since Bruce and Karen are leaving a week early, they did the meal early too! They did a little ceremony for all of us, with each trainer sharing about the person they mentored and presenting an award and gift. My award ended up being the "Gutsy/Sucker" award because of the worm, and they gave me gummy worms! They did taste a lot better. ;) This was a really neat time.

-Meeting with Kent and Becky Good for a few hours to talk about Cambodia! It was so neat getting to hear their stories from their time serving there and they gave me some good tips about serving there. This was such a blessing and I'm so glad that I've been able to get to know this couple while in Atlanta!
 (PC: Kent Good)

-A game night at our house with 7 students from Mercer University! I had only met some of them this week, although other members of our team have been building relationships with them for a couple weeks. It was great getting to meet them and hang out! My cheeks were hurting afterwards from laughing so hard and so much! They're a neat group of people.

It was hard saying goodbye to this sweet couple on Thursday! Praying God blesses their ministry in France. They've been a great blessing to our team!

God's been doing a lot this week. He's been exposing a lot of things about myself that I need to think through and it's been really good. I'm super thankful for this team that God's placed me with that's really challenging me to grow!

I now have less than a week left in Atlanta. The next couple days will be spent wrapping things up with people we have met here in addition to classes and thinking through how we will apply all of this. I'll be leaving on Thursday night and beginning my 6-day trip back home on Amtrak. It's going to be hard to leave, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at home. =)


  1. Wow! You are learning so much about God and His people. I love your yielded and seeking heart. Keep communicating! Your doing well.(:
    Love, Linda

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you soon! =)

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